We believe: you can’t improve operational efficiency at your properties if you don’t have organized, real-time communication.

The Synco team has worked with thousands of property management organizations, and we know how much time and effort goes into managing great places to live and work. 

But communication chaos has become a drag on operational efficiency: when property management work is managed via disjointed email threads, one-off text messages, and constant follow-ups asking “where are we on this?”, important information is lost, problems take longer to solve, and your team doesn’t perform at its best. 

We started Synco in 2021 because we believe property management teams need a communication platform that is collaborative and easy to use, and built specifically for the challenges of operating properties. With Synco, everyone from office employees to on-site building staff can now stay up-to-date and in the know on what’s going on – without being cc’d on every internal email. 

Communication chaos has become a drag on operational efficiency – Synco is here to help.

Meet the Team

Jason Griffith

Co-Founder and CEO

Bill Evick

Co-Founder and CEO

John Bonds

Co-Founder and CTO

Ross Goldenberg


Carol Lawson

Chief Design Officer

Jeannie Cambria

Chief Marketing Officer

Ahmad Oloumi

Chief Revenue Officer

Arryn Alpert

Chief Customer Officer

Josh Jonte

Lead Engineer

Matt Bajorek

Lead Engineer

Dima Barkov

QA Lead Analyst

Steve Wickes

Customer Success & Marketing Associate

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“I can confidently say that Synco is superior to email and text – and we’re never going back to the old way.”
Matthew Schmelzer
Principal, Tryax Realty
“Synco has vastly decreased the amount of internal emails we send and made it easier to collaborate as a team.”
Jeff Katz
Principal, Milbrook Properties
“With Synco, I have visibility into conversations I couldn’t see before and can stay up-to-date on what’s going on across my portfolio.”
Russell Cooper
President, Novum Properties

Eliminate communication overload. Work better together.