Collaborative conversations with the right people

Synco is the best way to instantly communicate about property management projects, issues, and updates. Get fewer emails, and get work done faster. 



A faster tool for team conversations

  • One Place to Communicate
    Centralized hub for one-on-one chats, group messaging, and company announcements, via desktop and mobile app
  • Smart Distribution Groups
    No more wondering who to “cc” on a message – just mention the Group for a property, project, or topic to instantly add the right people to the conversation
  • Visibility Without Being Cc’d
    Browse Groups to see what’s going on and join the conversation when necessary. See who is part of a conversation – and who has seen a message, in real-time.
  • Centralize Photos, Files, and More
    Add unlimited files, photos and videos to each conversation
  • Easily Add Collaborators
    Loop in team members to a conversation and let them see the history, without starting a new conversation

Standardized Tags organize every conversation

  • Community-Based Tags
    Synco Tags are standardized keyword labels that unify organization across your company: once a team member tags a conversation with a property, unit, project, etc., it’s labeled for everyone
  • Find What You Need – Faster
    Search and filter by Tags to easily find the information you need, without digging through email folders or asking someone to resend it to you
  • Automatic Filing
    Associate Tags with certain Groups, so conversations are automatically tagged when a Group is mentioned

Built for the modern property management team

  • Inbox Customization & Control
    Reduce the email overload of managing properties: Synco lets you control what conversations hit your inbox – and which you can simply “drop in” on
  • Built For Your On-The-Go & Office Teams
    Communicate seamlessly between the office and the field with the easy-to-use Synco desktop and mobile app
  • A More Secure Way to Work
    Protected by 2FA, SSL, and TLS encryption, important conversations, documents, and photos never leave your company – and are easily shared with new employees to get them up to speed
  • Unite Your Entire Property Management Ecosystem
    Integrate Synco with your property management software and other systems to get visibility and take action

Transform emails into real-time conversations

  • More Context, Faster Conversations
    Create Synco conversations from emails, eliminating endless email chains, multiple email threads for one issue, and constantly adding & subtracting recipients
  • Say Goodbye to Email Filing Folders
    Sending emails to Synco means they’re automatically tagged and organized, even down to the unit level
  • Bring Information Sources Together
    Use Synco group-specific email addresses to receive email alerts from your other software systems, so everything is centralized in Synco