How Synco Helped the LeFrak Organization Break Up With Email Overload

The LeFrak Organization, which operates 20,000 multifamily units across Florida, California, New York, and New Jersey, was struggling with communication chaos.

“We didn’t realize how much informal communication was happening, particularly with the onsite teams. Having so much vital communication occur via Whatsapp or [text] messaging has created a real blind spot in our organization, and that blind spot could be a potential liability,” said Mario Gaztambide, Senior Managing Director of Residential Properties at LeFrak, “It’s very important for us to have much more control and oversight over critical business communication.”

Enter Synco real-time messaging for property management teams. To make team communication faster and more transparent, and to bring more organization to ongoing conversations about properties and projects, the LeFrak Organization rolled out Synco across their corporate and on-site teams – and saw immediate results.

“Since launching Synco, communication has just gotten better. Reactions are in real time, we can organize how we ingest some of these messages and important action topics, we are able to recall information so much easier and faster than we did with email, and we can see it – we have a lot less clutter in our inboxes, and we’re having quicker, yet more meaningful discussions on a variety of topics,” said Mario.

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Jeannie Cambria
Since launching Synco, communication has just gotten better...We’re having quicker, yet more meaningful discussions.

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