Property Management Communication Just Got Easier: Introducing Synco Message Translation

Knocking Down PM Language Barriers with In-App Translation

Property management is a collaborative and fast-moving business.

But persistent language barriers between team members prevent your entire property management team from communicating effectively, quickly, and clearly.

Here’s how language barriers cause downstream issues at your properties:

  1. Miscommunication and Inefficiency: When team members speak different languages, important messages can be lost in translation. This miscommunication can result in delays, errors, and misunderstandings that impact the operational efficiency of your properties.
  2. Decreased Collaboration & Knowledge-Sharing: Collaboration is critical in property management, involving coordination between various departments, vendors, and staff members. Language barriers make it difficult to share information and solve problems quickly.

We built Synco’s new Message Translation feature to solve the frustration and roadblocks that language barriers can cause. Now, anyone using Synco can translate any conversation into their preferred language with one click.

Here’s how it works:

  • Users set their preferred language from a list of over 10+ languages in their Synco profile
  • When a conversation is happening in Synco, it’s just one click to translate the messages into your preferred language
  • Messages you have authored always stay in the original language you wrote them in, while messages written by others appear translated into your preferred language

Saving Time & Working Smarter with Message Translation

Message Translation is incredibly powerful for teams looking to communicate across in-office and on-site teams. Here’s why:

Time Savings:

Getting faster responses from team members is key when you’re managing a portfolio of properties.

Team members who are more comfortable typing and chatting in a language other than English can now save valuable time by eliminating the need to translate the message in a third-party translation app, and paste it back into Synco.

Providing Context:

When you’re communicating asynchronously, and you’re never in the same office, context is everything – especially when it comes to issues at your properties.

Instead of struggling to provide key details (about a property issue or project) in a language they may not be comfortable using, team members now get peace of mind knowing that the recipients will get all the context, because they can translate the message with one click.

It’s really as simple as that. Synco’s mission is to make communication easy, fun, and transparent for property management teams, and Message Translation is an exciting new part of that. Say goodbye to copy-pasting into third-party translation apps and to wasting time struggling to communicate.

Ready to see Synco in action? Schedule a demo with our team.

Jeannie Cambria
Now, anyone using Synco can translate any conversation into their preferred language with one click.

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