LeFrak Gains Portfolio Transparency and Mitigates Risk with Synco and Moii.AI

LeFrak is a family-owned property company that owns and manages a portfolio of residential communities encompassing more than 20,000 multifamily units across Florida, California, New York, and New Jersey.

In an effort to improve risk management across their extensive property portfolio, Charles Mayne, Managing Director of Residential Asset Management at LeFrak, turned to Moii.AI, which offers comprehensive behavioral analytics tailored for Multifamily and PropTech applications, facilitating last-mile delivery of crucial video events and historical data via Vision AI, enhancing security, operations, and safety through incident detection and population analytics.

“We operate properties with extensive amenities, from pools to gyms to common spaces. We need to know when there’s unauthorized or unsafe use of those amenities, to help mitigate risk to our residents and to us as the operator of that community,” says Mayne.

The LeFrak team had already successfully implemented Synco, the centralized property management communication platform, across their portfolio in 2023. Synco transformed cumbersome email threads and email alerts from systems like Yardi into actionable, real-time conversations, resulting in faster response times and tremendous reductions in email volume. Mayne saw an opportunity to combine the power of Moii.AI with the real-time messaging capabilities of Synco. 

Moii.AI was configured to send email alerts out whenever it detected activity that required the attention of the onsite team (for example, someone in the gym after hours, or activity at the pool when it was locked). At the site level, however, it was challenging for front desk staff to constantly monitor a shared email inbox that received hundreds of emails. On top of that, there wasn’t a fast, easy way for them to record what actions were taken as a result of the email alert. 

Enter Synco. Synco was created with property management teams in mind, to help them streamline communication into one centralized platform. This includes Email to Synco, a feature that transforms email alerts from any system into real-time Synco conversations.

Here’s how LeFrak leverages Synco alongside Moii.AI to transform their risk mitigation workflow, enabling faster responses to property incidents:

With this seamless workflow powered by Synco, Moii.AI’s insights are no longer buried in inboxes and left unread. Mayne and the LeFrak team experience faster communication, efficient collaboration, and improved oversight across their portfolio. 

“Integrating Synco with Moii.AI has been a game-changer for the way we manage property,” says Mayne. “Creating a real-time response workflow in Synco for Moii.AI alerts has reduced response times and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. It’s much easier for us to communicate as a group without endless email back-and-forth. Secondly, having the Moii.AI alerts organized by property via Synco’s intuitive tagging system gives us high-level visibility into how often incidents are occurring and where.”

“Our goal is to provide a 360-degree context of a property’s spaces so our customers can drive processes and decisions not only for safety, but also for the best resident experience,” said Madhu Posani, Founder and CEO of Moii.AI. “Combined with Synco’s centralized communication platform, Moii.AI is able to convert behaviors to actionable analytics delivered contextually – to the right group of on-site employees and executives at the right time.”

By combining the power of Moii.AI with Synco, LeFrak has created a proactive and strategic approach to risk mitigation, with visibility across their property portfolio and the ability to take action when needed. LeFrak plans to build on this success, expanding to other critical areas of risk mitigation and day-to-day operations using Moii’s capable AI platform combined with the power of Synco.

About Moii.AI
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About Synco
Synco is a real-time, centralized communication platform built for property management teams. By connecting office staff, on-site workers, and third-party vendors, Synco empowers property management teams to instantly collaborate & organize conversations about property management projects, issues, and updates – without sending hundreds of emails and text messages. Founded in 2021 by multifamily and technology veterans Jason Griffith, Ross Goldenberg, Bill Evick, and John Bonds, Synco connects property management teams through better, more organized communication and collaboration. Learn more at

Jeannie Cambria
Integrating Synco with Moii.AI has been a game-changer for the way we manage property.

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