The Need for Speed In Property Management: How Email Overload is Slowing Down Your Team

Improving operational efficiency is always a top priority for property management teams. But you know what’s not efficient? Relying on email for day-to-day property management operations. It’s like trying to swim against the current as emails flood your inbox, drowning team productivity.

As a property management leader, dealing with a ton of “FYI” messages burying critical info can be beyond frustrating. If you’re thinking there must be a better way, you’re not alone. A whopping 45% of property managers say their biggest stressors stem from resident-related issues.

It’s time to stop this outdated approach if you want an efficient operation and a happier team. Imagine real-time, transparent communication, free from email chaos.

By using a real-time messaging solution tailor-made for property management teams, you can finally fix your workflow and begin running your properties in the most streamlined, profitable way.

Let’s dive into the email overload problem and share how you can introduce your team to a user-friendly app that brings the transparency you need.

How Email Drags Down Your Team (And Productivity)

As a property management professional handling residential units across different locations, your inbox is probably flooded with emails, from urgent maintenance requests to routine updates. 

This is especially true for regional managers and executives, who may get cc’d on every building distribution email list and likely receive hundreds of emails daily.

While it’s crucial to stay informed about property matters, the never-ending flood of emails can be a real pain. Important messages that demand immediate attention often get lost in a sea of insignificant “FYI” and quick “Ok, got it” responses. As a result, you’re left sifting through countless email threads just to find the truly necessary information.

Increasing Visibility Without Getting Bogged Down in the Details

Property managers, regional directors, and team leaders need to stay in the loop on property matters, but sometimes our inboxes get flooded with unnecessary details. How many times have you been cc’d on the wrong things and missed out on what you really needed to know?

“I was getting inundated with thousands of emails that I didn’t necessarily need to be on, and it was very cumbersome. When I would try to read email chains I was copied on to see what was going on at a property, I would have to start at the very beginning of the email and read backwards up, which is very annoying.”

Jordan Platt, the VP of Operations at Kaled

It’s a classic catch-22: the need to stay informed leads to a culture of constant cc’ing on emails. While it provides visibility, it also exacerbates email overload.

To make fast decisions and minimize costs, you need a more organized, consistent way of communicating and storing information. With the rise of property management software, a whopping 68% of companies have eagerly embraced these new solutions to streamline their processes.

As a result, the need for enhanced organization has emerged as a pressing concern across the entire property management industry, empowering operations professionals to buckle up and take control!

Escaping the Filing Nightmare by Centralizing Property Management Communication

Property management companies face a common challenge: employees working in siloes unknowingly keep important information in personal folders that others can’t access. 

This individual approach to filing leaves property management professionals in a bind when looking for specific emails or crucial information. And when someone leaves the company, it only adds to the nightmare.

You need to connect your departments on a single platform to foster team unity and enhance communication across multiple sites. Make sure every conversation can be organized and linked back to a specific unit, project, or property. 

Providing your team with a centralized workspace ensures continuity of discussions across time and employees. This saves everyone time by preventing duplicative efforts and allows them to focus on impactful tasks, like reducing vacancies and cultivating a positive company culture.

How Kaled Management Finally Escaped Email Overload

Kaled Management has been managing over 7,000 residential units in New York City and beyond since the 1920s! But even with their rich history, they faced a modern challenge that needed a fresh approach.

According to Jordan Platt, the VP of Operations at Kaled, “We were stuck with emails, wasting so much time going back and forth.” The frustration was real. Take, for example, the hassle of conducting vacancy inspections.

Platt explained, “Property staff would send lengthy emails with tons of photos and then struggle to find the info we needed. It just wasn’t efficient.”

Enter Synco, and everything changed. Platt reported a mind-blowing 50-60% drop in email volume.

Finally, Kaled Management was free from the limits of traditional channels. The app’s user-friendly design made it a breeze for the whole team to get on board.

The result? Synco became the secret ingredient that brought efficiency and simplicity to Kaled Management’s day-to-day operations.

Reclaim Your Time and Connect Your Team

You need information and action to flow seamlessly and avoid getting caught in a bottleneck of endless email threads. By leveraging a real-time messaging platform like Synco, you’ll bring your teams together in one place to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Unlike email or text messaging, Synco is built for property management work, secure, and organized by property and unit. Property management teams can boost efficiency and organization, ditching the chaotic email and text threads and eliminating constant check-ins like “Where are we on this?”

Discover how Synco can transform your property management experience by taking your team’s speed and productivity to the next level.

Jeannie Cambria
Relying on email for day-to-day operations is like trying to swim against the current as emails flood your inbox.

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