New: Synco Powers Faster, Easier Communication with Suppliers, Partners & Clients

External Party Access & Linked Conversations Connect Your Entire Property Management Operation, in One Place

At Synco, we believe that real-time, efficient communication is a must-have for the fast-paced world of property management. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce two powerful Synco product features that will revolutionize how you collaborate with suppliers, partners, and clients: External Party Access and Linked Conversations.

With these new capabilities, you can have real-time conversations with your entire property management universe – from your internal team, to outside suppliers and vendors, to clients – enabling streamlined discussions and faster issue resolution both within and outside your organization. The best part? Your conversations stay organized in Synco, but your external partners don’t need to change their workflow at all – they can respond via email just like they always have.

Additionally, you can now link Synco conversations together, creating new, more targeted conversations that remain linked back to the original.

Together, these features help you connect the people in and outside your organization to the information they need, faster.

Faster & More Productive Teamwork

The ability to add external participants – suppliers, clients, other partners – to a conversation speeds up issue resolution, keeps your team on track, and unlocks easy collaboration.  

No more fractured email chains or text messages – simply add in the external party and handle everything in one place.

Here’s an example: the team is chatting about a unit renovation that requires the carpeting vendor to come on site. It’s just a few clicks to add in the carpeting vendor, and let them know you need their help.

External Party Access In Action: The vendor receives an email with the Synco message, and can respond directly from the email. Those responses go back into the Synco conversation for seamless discussion.

Break Up With Email Overload

Our customers already see massive decreases in email volume when they implement Synco. With these new features, they’ll see even fewer emails, because it’s easy to loop in an external party to an ongoing or new Synco conversation, without creating a new email chain or switching communication tools.

Let’s say you manage properties on behalf of another entity or owner. You frequently have conversations in Synco where you’d like to run something by the owner for FYI or approval. You can easily take elements from a Synco conversation, create a new Linked Conversation, and add the owner so they can approve or be in the know. 

Linking a Conversation then adding an external party: No more toggling back and forth between email chains or adding and removing recipients via cc and bcc.

Centralized, More Organized Communication

This new functionality makes Synco your centralized hub for all property communication. Centralization isn’t just for leasing or accounting – it’s also critical to centralize communication around property operations so nothing falls through the cracks.

For example: you receive a photo, video, or document from someone on your internal team that you want to share with an external party (your lawyer, bank, insurance provider, etc.). With email or texting, you would have to download that attachment, and start a new email chain to send it to someone else, or forward it and remove information below it that you didn’t want them to see. Now you have two email chains about the same topic, and trying to find attachments or information later is impossible.  

Enter Linked Conversations and External Party Access: these powerful features allow you to link conversations that surround the same topic, but have different participants, both internal and external to your organization. You can bring attachments, participants, and even Synco tags into Linked Conversations (and leave out what you don’t want), so everything stays organized. 

Centralizing communication this way makes it much easier to find attachments or information later via search, without sacrificing efficiency. 

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External Party Access and Linked Conversations are the latest additions to Synco’s full-featured real-time messaging platform, and are now available to all customers.

Ready to see Synco in action? Schedule a demo with our team.

Jeannie Cambria
Add external participants to Synco conversations and link existing conversations to work faster, with your entire property management team.

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