Maximizing Your Existing Property Management Tech Stack

If you’re a property management leader focused on running an efficient and profitable portfolio, maximizing the productivity of your team and your property management tech stack is critical to your success. But with the modern property management tech stack ballooning to ten, twenty, even thirty different pieces of software across your organization, how do you keep information from each piece of software centralized, and make sure critical details get to the right people at the right time?

Traditionally, every piece of software in the property management tech stack has created its own stream of email. Individuals across the organization receive emails for:

  • Alerts – something happened or a status changed
  • Tasks – an item was assigned to someone
  • Reports – weekly, monthly, quarterly reports from software systems

But here’s the problem: with so many software systems creating these emails, you end up with an overload of email alerts from the very systems that are supposed to be streamlining processes and communication. Most of these emails get ignored  or deleted – or you have to spend hours going through them each week to discern what is important. And if team members forward these emails to a larger group, you end up with endless threads and “reply alls” in your inbox as well. 

How Synco Enhances Your Existing Tech Stack

As a centralized, real-time communications platform, Synco is built to consolidate and unify property management team communication. In order to help your teams be more productive, you need to free them from email overload and make the information in your existing tech stack more actionable and accessible. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Synco ingests email alerts, updates, and reports from your tech solutions using Synco-specific email addresses that are tied to functional groups (departments, properties, etc.) in your organization
  • Any emails from your PMS, utility metering software, etc. are turned into Synco conversations, automatically including the right individual or team members and categorizing the conversation for easy access.
  • Team members can respond in real-time to keep everyone informed

Freeing Your Team From Email Overload…and Making Everyone More Productive

Converting email streams from your tech stack into Synco conversations not only streamlines your email inbox (so you spend less time filing emails into folders), but also allows for a richer, faster conversation experience that is light-years ahead of what you can do with email:

Old WayWith Synco
Receive email alert and “reply all” to multiple peopleEmail alert automatically converted to real-time messaging conversation to the correct distribution group in Synco
Wait for email responses from team members who may or may not check email regularlyAbility to easily collaborate with team members and offer updates in real-time
Search for attachments in every single message within an email threadAttachments are rolled up at the conversation level, so you can access them all at a glance
Create a “side email thread” by taking some recipients off, and adding new onesCreate a Linked Conversation to keep track of different streams on the same topic
Try to search email using keywords, yielding either no results or way too many resultsConversation is automatically tagged with the software provider the email originally came from and any relevant tags (i.e. #compliance, #utilities) that are easily searchable

When every minute spent reading and filing emails is a minute your team could be spending working on resident issues, or solving problems, getting this critical time back can be a game-changer for property management organizations. 

Synco elevates your tech stack by maximizing productivity, helping you get more out of your tech investment. With Synco at the core of your tech stack, your team can collaborate faster and better. See for yourself how Synco works by taking a product tour here.

Bill Evick
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
In order to help your teams be more productive, you need to free them from email overload and make the information in your existing tech stack more actionable and accessible. 

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