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How Property Management Centralization Is Causing Communication Breakdowns (And What You Can Do About It)

While centralization has impacted many parts of PM workflow, the basics, like communicating with coworkers, are stuck in the year 2000.

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Introducing Synco Locked Conversations: Enhanced Privacy for Property Management Communication

Real-time conversations on Synco are now able to be locked by the original author for better privacy.

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How Milbrook Properties Got Visibility – And Faster Response Times – With Synco

Milbrook Properties uses Synco to work faster, get more visibility, and connect their team.

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Why It’s Time to Re-Think Maintenance Team Communication

How to get an in-depth view of your maintenance team’s structure and their preferred methods of communication.

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How to Prevent Property Management Employee Turnover? Efficient Recordkeeping

“Getting by” without a streamlined property management record-keeping system can cause employee burnout and turnover.

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The Need for Speed In Property Management: How Email Overload is Slowing Down Your Team

Relying on email for day-to-day operations is like trying to swim against the current as emails flood your inbox.

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How Synco Helped the LeFrak Organization Break Up With Email Overload

Read how the LeFrak Organization streamlined communication across 20K units with Synco.

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Tri-Hill Management Partners with Synco to Implement Real-Time Messaging for Property Management Portfolio

Tri-Hill Management implements Synco’s real-time messaging platform to drive effective communication and collaboration across their PM team.

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Your Property Management Team is Texting – And That’s a Huge Liability

Storing information & communicating via text messaging on personal phones is a huge liability for your company. Here’s why.

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“I can confidently say that Synco is superior to email and text – and we’re never going back to the old way.”
Matthew Schmelzer
Principal, Tryax Realty
“Synco has vastly decreased the amount of internal emails we send and made it easier to collaborate as a team.”
Jeff Katz
Principal, Milbrook Properties
“With Synco, I have visibility into conversations I couldn’t see before and can stay up-to-date on what’s going on across my portfolio.”
Russell Cooper
President, Novum Properties

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